Advanced Dental Technology – Topeka, KS

Modern Instruments for Easier Dentistry

We use only the latest, proven technology here at Fox Family Dental, so you and your loved ones can look forward to an efficient, convenient, and comfortable experience. Even though we use highly advanced instruments, we’ll make sure to thoroughly explain everything and show you what we’re talking about so that we’re always on the same page. To learn more about our state-of-the-art dental technology, give us a call today!


Committed to State-of-the-Art & Comfortable Dental Experiences

  • No Gooey Mess Needed for Impressions
  • Painless Anesthetic Delivery with The Wand™
  • Intraoral Cameras Let You See What We See


Intraoral Cameras

Have you ever wondered what your dentist was seeing when they examined your mouth? With our MouthWatch intraoral cameras, you can see for yourself! These small, handheld devices are equipped with tiny cameras that capture high-definition images as we maneuver them around your mouth. You’ll get to see exactly what’s going on with your teeth and gums, so you can better understand your oral health and our recommendations for treatment.


All-Digital X-Rays

Even with his keen eye, Dr. Fox can’t see signs of tooth decay or infection that are beneath the gumline. X-rays allow us to examine these hidden structures, including your jawbone and the roots of your teeth, and identify concerns early on. Because these X-rays are fully digital, they produce much sharper images than traditional X-rays in a fraction of the time. Digital X-rays also reduce radiation exposure by up to 90% for enhanced safety. 


3D Cone Beam Imaging

As clear as digital X-rays are, we’ll need more detailed images to plan for complex treatments such as tooth extractions. In these cases, we utilize a Sirona cone beam / CT scanner, which generates a three-dimensional model of your mouth, face, and jaw by capturing dozens of photographs within a minute or two. With this model, we can identify where vital areas like the nerves and blood vessels are located. Treatments also become safer and more predictable.


Digital Impression System

To create a precise fit for mouthguards, clear aligners, or restorations like crowns, we take digital impressions instead of the gooey traditional ones you might be familiar with. Using an iTero or Medit intraoral scanner, we simply capture digital images of your mouth – no messy putty involved! Not only is the impression-taking process easier and faster this way, but the end result ends up fitting more accurately.


The Wand™

If you struggle with a fear of needles, our team has a more comfortable method of administering local anesthetic before a dental procedure: The Wand™. This device resembles a pen with an attached cord on one end and an extremely tiny needle on the other. Because you shouldn’t even the needle, numbing your mouth should be a snap. Additionally, only the area we’re treating is being numbed, so you won’t need to worry about losing feeling in an entire side of your mouth afterward.