Restorative Dentistry – Topeka, KS

Repair and Improve Your Smile

Your teeth are protected by the strongest substance in your body (enamel), which makes sense when you consider how much biting and chewing they’re responsible for. As time goes by, though, teeth can be become worn down, broken, or decayed. Since a damaged tooth can’t repair itself, we urge you to call Dr. Fox as soon as you realize there’s something wrong with your smile; we’ll show you the best way to repair it so that you can continue eating and smiling without issue.


Why Choose Jared Fox DDS for Restorative Dentistry?

  • Same-Day Dental Crowns Available
  • Mess-Free Digital Impression System
  • High-Quality Materials Used for Natural-Looking Restorations


Tooth-Colored Fillings

Fillings repair the damage done by tooth decay and prevent bacteria from entering the tooth and causing further harm. Our practice uses tooth-colored fillings over traditional ones made out of a metal amalgam. This is because in addition to being unattractive, metal fillings also require us to make undercuts in the tooth to place them; tooth-colored fillings, meanwhile, bond directly with the tooth, letting us preserve more of the natural structure.


Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are used to repair more extensive damage than fillings. They can be used in many different situations, such as holding a weakened tooth together, repairing a tooth that’s already broken, or even just improving the appearance of a tooth that’s misshapen or discolored. We can make crowns out of a variety of materials. For example, if you want a restoration that blends in with your teeth, we may recommend an EMAX, zirconia, or porcelain crown.



Repairing a damaged tooth is always the first, best choice, but it’s not always viable. Sometimes a crack or cavity is simply too large for a filling or crown to be placed. For damage this severe, we will likely need to extract the tooth. This is not a decision we ever make lightly, and every possible step will be taken to keep you comfortable during the process while also making sure that there’s a plan to replace the tooth as quickly as possible.